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Physics of Racing (with 3D Graphic):

Car Physic Demo (in 3D) (Portablegaming.de-Thread, gbadev.org-Thread)

Here is the first release that is really playable.
You drive a Ferrari F40 on the grounds of the Norisring (for the graphic resources click on the names).
The Physic is the same as in the 2D Demo. The values in Demo are not very realistic. The F40 reaches the 100 km/h in 6,3 seconds (for this are the last 2 values in the Demo on the bottom screen), the real time is something at 4 seconds. But now I only wanted to have a good feeling for driving a car. But in the future I want to get realistic values.

Right and Left: Steer the car to the right or left
R- and L-Buttons: Accelaration and Decelaration
Select-Button: Reset the Position and the velocity of the car to the start values

CarPhysics5_NDS.nds (683 KB)

Car Physics 4 Demo