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Physics of Racing (with 3D Graphic):

Car Physic Demo (in 3D) (Portablegaming.de-Thread, gbadev.org-Thread)

You drive a Ferrari F40 on the grounds of Laguna Seca.
The biggest improvements are the collision detection and the grahics. So now you can enjoy the Corkscrew of Laguna Seca and the rest of the track with all it's up and downs.

+ stable physics
+ better control (quicker steering and return to neutral)
+ you can see the weight distribution
+ collision with the ground
+ timing that stops the best time of the session, with 3 sectors
+ 2D map of the track with the position of the car

- no collision with the walls
- no change of speed or traction on dirt
- so you don't have to stay on track
- no drifts, only light oversteer if you brake
- framerate goes down if there are many collision detections, mainly in the last corner

Right and Left: Steer the car to the right or left
R- and L-Button or A- and B-Button: Accelaration and Decelaration
Select-Button: Reset the Position and the velocity of the car to the start values

CarPhysics6_NDS.zip (1.02 MB)

Car Physics 6 Demo
Car Physics 6 Demo
Car Physics 6 Demo
Car Physics 6 Demo
Car Physics 6 Demo
Car Physics 6 Demo