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GBA Stuff:

Empty ASM Project

This little file contains the necessary things to start a project in ASM for the GBA. I made it for myself, but I hope that someone finds this also helpful.

The program runs a loop with a VBlankIntrWait (SWI 05h). There's also a simple Interrupt Handler (made by Goldmomo), a "crt0.s"-file and a file for the IWRAM (where you can place you variables). The code isn't completely overworked and clean.

It includes only the things that are necessary to run a game with no errors and in Low Power Mode. So you can get "Quality Rating: Very Good" in the "No$gba Runtime Error Stats".

Download (19 KB)


This was my first try for the GBA. It shows a zooming and rotating Mode 4 picture. At the End you can press:
At that time I found a water effect in GIMP so I used it in this picture. But blue on blue isn't really good readable.

Download (60 KB)

Zelda (and a bit "Wario Ware")

You can walk with Link across the screen.
The Bomb Timer has no function, but counts down and the bomb explodes at the end.

Download (16 KB)

Shoot'em Up

A small (in size and content) Shooter with the Graphics from R-Type.
You can shoot and move your ship, but there are no enemies.

Normal Version (4 KB)
Multiboot Version (4 KB)


Here I have programmed the Battle Screen of Pokemon.
The attacks are not all completly implemented and the Enemy makes always the same Attack as you, also there are some more bugs.
But you can see some effects of the GBA and I've learned many things about the GBA when I programmed them.

Download (131 KB)


Here are some very good Tools that I've used for this projects (Links to gbadev.org or other sites):

gfx2gba v0.13 Frontend (for the graphics)
wav2gba 1.01 (for the sound)
GBA Crusher (for smaller files)

Samus Phazon Suit