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NES Stuff:

I use the P65 Assembler to program for the NES. He's included in every File you download here.

I've tested my programs only with the No$NES Emulator. Because it has a very useful debugger. So It can be possible that my programs don't run with your emulator that you use.

Zelda (3 different Versions):

That was my first try (and till now the only one) to programm for the NES. I tried to programm the start screen of Zelda.
You can walk on the map, but you can't get out of this one screen.
I used only the normal functions of the NES. That means no mapper.

Zelda1.0 (14 KB)
In Zelda 1.0 there's only the walking Link on the screen.

ZeldaNSF (17 KB)
ZeldaNSF plays only one song of the NSF-File of Zelda. There's no video output.

Zelda1.1 (21 KB)
Zelda 1.1 has the walking Link and the music in the background (and some code is overworked).

Samus Phazon Suit