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Ranma Battle (for GBA):

A Remake of "Ranma 1/2: Chougi Ranbuhen".
Original released for the SNES at 28.04.1994 only in Japan.
(Link to GameFAQs.com for some informations)

I've used some code from Goldmomo. The Interrupt Handler and Graphic Compression Routines in the Ending were made by him.
And I used Tepples 8ad Audio Compression Codec. You can hear it in the Ending mode.
At the start of the game you could see the picture which is on the right side of this page. I also built in a JPEG decompression made by Burton Radons, you can't see it because it only annoys me as long as I must test my game so many times.

The program is completely written in assembler.

I started with this game at August 2007 and I want to finish this project until I get my high school graduation. That's July 2009.

Ranma Baseball

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