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New version of my racing game. With better graphic and collisions.

I divided the "Racing Game"-Section into different parts.

New "Battlefield: Bad Company 2"-Stats in "About Me"

Some small changes on different sites in the last months.
And a new version of my 3D "Car Physic Demo".

Restored the Nintendo 64 page with some links. A N64 game is something that I have to do someday.
Split the Ranma Battle in more sections with some generarl links added. No new Version or Screenshots and my own deadline is coming closer. I don't know if I manage it to get the game complete in the rest of the time.

Removed the links to the pages for the different consoles and handhelds
(I thought at the beginning of this site that I would write something useful there, but now I have other priorities. And links to empty pages don't look so good)
Added some (at the moment "2") general Links about Ranma to the "Ranma Battle"-Page

New Point under General: Some Art
New Project: Videos on the GBA

A new file to download is under the GBAStuffs. For everyone who finds it helpful. It includes only the things that are necessary to run a game with no errors and in Low Power Mode. So you can get "Quality Rating: Very Good" in the "No$gba Runtime Error Stats".

The first release of my 3D "Car Physic Demo" for the Nintendo DS
Uploaded some pages that I've forgotten to update

Added the move list of Ranma Battle
Removed the N64TEK, because I don't know at the moment what I should programm for the Nintendo 64.


You can find now my E-Mail adress and ICQ Nr. on the "About Me" page.

New Version of Ranma Battle

New Links on the Racing Game page.
New Link on the NES page.
Ranma-Chan Sprites are online.

New project page added.
And with that there is a new point in the menu (Racing Game).

New Point in the menu (Miscellaneous).
And added to this a german math test.

New version of Ranma Battle (new options were included).
New Point in the menu (About me).

Overworked the description of Ranma Battle.
Added this page to write down the updates.


The day as this page went online the first time.

Samus Phazon Suit